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Xtrac has produced a new range of customer in-line gearboxes based on its considerable experience gained from supplying large numbers of gearboxes for teams and manufacturers around the world. 

The ‘P437’ is the high capacity configuration (of the P427) in this new range of high performance gearboxes. This range also includes both mid and low torque versions, designed for both sports car and touring car use respectively. Xtrac have used their knowledge and experience to produce this high quality yet lower priced range of gearboxes that shares common parts across the range. This enables spares to be both competitively priced and readily available.  


• 800Nm (595lbf ft) maximum engine input torque*

• Sequential shift, straight cut, non-synchromesh gears engaged - Rev,N,1,2,3,4,5,6 (full neutral detent)

• Non-stressed gearbox, consisting of Aluminum L169 ‘O’-Ring sealed casings. Incorporates a simple 4 bolt front face

• Accepts AP Racing clutch release slave cylinders.

• Range of Input drop gears; (standard 23:22)

• Straight cut Gear ratios. Integral 1st and 2nd gear (14:34, 15:29), 3rd to 6th are slide on

• Lubrication is via single stage eccentric lobe pump, configured for use with an external cooler.

• Temperature sensor boss, pressure boss, dog ring inspection holes and oil fill and drain holes are provided, as is an oil breather fitting

• Customer specific clutch shaft included

• Gearbox mounted gear linkage rocker system and single piece detent reverse lift cable is provided

• Gearbox weight is approximately 36-38.5kg (79-85lb)* 


• Light, positive sequential gearchange

• Easily removable cluster for ratio changes

• Cost effective, reliable solution


• One piece bellhousing to suit the customer’s engine

• Gearchange potentiometer and mounting

• Quick release reverse cable clip

• In car gear lever and in car gear lever linkage

• Super polished gear ratios (Xtrem Process)

• Ground gear sets for endurance racing

• Magnesium RZ5 casings

• Higher and Lower torque capacity versions available

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