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The P386 driveline is one of Xtrac's legacy products, which whilst not currently in production, spares and technical support are still available upon request.

Xtrac is proud to bring its extensive knowledge of driveline gained from many years of involvement in endurance racing to the exciting arena of Daytona Prototype Racing.

Whilst Xtrac experience helps us understand the demands imposed by endurance racing, before

the design was started Xtrac undertook a major consultation with teams to define the exact requirements and desires to ensure the best and most appropriate solution was created.  Once the specification was defined our engineers set about achieving it using the most appropriate technology based upon Xtrac’s tried and trusted designs.


  • High specification hot bonded tear resistant silicon, high speed silicon boots, with reduced volume to ensure the grease remains in the joint, not in the boot
  • Anodized aluminum boot carriers provide a high level of protection, and are positively retained to the flange, not requiring lock wire or hose clamps
  •  The shaft assembly is plunger located; a dog bone design retention system is not used
  • Total weight is approximately 16.5 lbs per assembly, the minimum allowed for approval
  • Tripodes use special manufactured spacers and clips for improved joint fatigue resistance and reliability
  • Tripodes use vacuum remelted XVAR1 steel rollers
  • ‘Mil spec’ black oxide coated driveshafts and zinc plated fasteners for corrosion resistance
  • Serial numbered driveshafts for lifing records
  • O-Rings are high temperature viton material
  • High load threaded capacity driveshaft retention system; does not use low load capacity circlips, and fully complies with Grand Am regulations
  • Designed with sympathy to the need for low unsprung mass
  • Trigger wheel is integrated into the bolt on drive shaft retention plate for reliability
  • Assembled in Xtrac’s clean assembly environment for maximum reliability
  • Interchangeable with other Grand American approved Daytona Prototype Driveline



  • Drive shaft lengths to suit Crawford, and Riley Daytona Prototype cars, others available on request
  • Customer specific speed sensor trigger wheel, integrated into the bolt on drive shaft retention plate
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