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The P1007 gearbox is one of Xtrac's legacy products, which whilst not currently in production, spares and technical support are still available upon request.

The P1007 Xtrac synchromesh transaxle is a cost effective transverse gerabox that has been designed for use in high performance Supercars. Suitable for mid / rear engined rear wheel drive sports and GT cars.


  • 7 speed high performance supercar transaxle.
  • 'H' pattern manual shift or AMT paddle shift.
  • 1,100Nm input torque (depending upon duty cycle).
  • Gear ratio range to suit application.
  • Gearbox maincase material is aluminium L169.
  • Full form groundgears optimised for refinement and strength.
  • Multi cone synchronisers on all forward gears.
  • Synchronised reverse gear.
  • Smooth actingplate limited slip differential (LSD).
  • Range of drop gears to adjust speed range to suit various engine / chassi combinations.
  • Clutch shaft to suit customer installation is included.
  • Xtrac manufactured output flanges are included to suit customer joints.
  • Re-circulating oil lubrication system with thermostatically controlled feed to all areas.
  • Universal front face bolt pattern for adaptor / bell housing.
  • Gearbox weight 56-62kg (123-137lb); depending on specification.


  • Compact packaging and short overall length to minimise vehicle rear overhang.
  • Configuration allows easier compliance with rear crash test legistlation.
  • Light, positive gearchange.
  • Narrow output flange face to face dimension.
  • Output close to rear face of engine.
  • Output height optimised for ground clearance.
  • Oil cooler inlet and outlet ports.
  • Cost effective, reliable solution.


  • Super polished ratios and final drive.
  • Automated manual shift option.
  • Clutch release slave cylinder.
  • Alternative output flanges.
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