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The P1166 is the latest addition to Xtrac’s family of Integrated Lightweight Electric Vehicle (ILEV) transmission systems, designed to address the market requirement for an innovative, lightweight, power dense, silent and efficient transmission demanded by the very latest high performance EV vehicles.

The transmission has been designed as a family to integrate with a number of different motor manufacturer products (pictured right with a YASA P400 motor generator). The high level of motor integration meets the tight packaging and lightweight requirements for electric vehicle front or rear axles.



  • Single stage bevel reduction ratio with a range of ratios available.
  • Maximum input torque = 500Nm.
  • Maximum input speed = 10,000 rpm.
  • Torque can be transmitted in either direction.
  • Open or torque biasing differential.
  • Standard automotive output flanges.
  • Suitable for vehicle GVW of up to 2,000kg.
  • High strength Aluminium alloy L169 casing.
  • Weight approximately 17-20 kg.



  • Optimised for road-going refinement and durability.
  • Highly integrated package.
  • High degree of freedom of orientation.
  • Range of ratios available.
  • Cost optimized utilizing proven OEM volume components.
  • Integrates with a modular range of electric motors of varying performance outputs.
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